1. Happy to have toured for the 7th time with Andrew Belle. Let’s do it again soon!

  2. Writing with the one and only Thad Cockrell from LEAGUES!

  3. Not sure what this 80s band is called.

  4. Quirky meets Quirky in co-write with Aqualung.

  5. Sugar & The Hi Lows tour with Andrew Belle starts NOW! See you TONIGHT, Phoenix!

  6. Writing with hero team The Silver Seas & Angelo from The Jane Shermans before hitting the road tomorrow.


  7. Thanks to Paul Sexton for playing “Natural Causes" on BBC Radio 2’s Bob Harris Sunday. Download it here.

  8. Still not over this past live on the green show. Can’t wait to start Sugar & The Hi Lows West Coast tour this Friday! 

  9. Here’s what you can see tomorrow for free!! We start at 3 sharp. Then Ingrid Michaelson after us. Gonna be a party! 

  10. Hitting the road with Sugar & The Hi Lows in two weeks. Going to playing with Andrew Belle on the West Coast! Grab your tickets here while you can!